Affordable Care Act

Younger and Healthier Consumers Switched Carriers during the OEP
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Consumers who switched carriers during the Affordable Care Act's 2015/2016 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) were significantly younger and healthier, according to Deft Research's 2016 Individual Market Shopping and Switching Study. This finding provides hope to marketers that new members who can be won in 2017 may offset current bad risk.

The research examines the Individual Market shopping process as it unfolds over the 13-week enrollment period. Data for this year’s study was collected in several unique ways including weekly surveys, a larger post-OEP survey, and we re-contacted a sub-sample of respondents from last year’s survey. The study is designed to help carriers, consultants, and agencies understand what consumers did, what influenced their decisions, and what past experiences predicted their behaviors, in order to plan for better results in 2017.

The 2016 Individual Market Shopping and Switching Study is the first report in Deft Research's 3-part Commercial Market Intelligence Service. The study is based on the responses of 6,350 consumers between the ages of 19 to 64.

Complete the form below to download a Free Executive Research Brief from the study. For more information on obtaining a copy of the full report, please contact George Dippel at or 612-436-8321.

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