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5 Strategies for Using Consumer Insights to Improve Member Experience
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In a market where 39% of ACA consumers have some intent to seek a different insurer when they get the next chance, improving member experience is more important than ever.

According to Deft Research, ACA consumers are eager for more information to help them assess value and make more informed health insurance decisions. Our 2016 Individual Market Member Experience Study found that when an individual feels their insurer has provided them with high quality information that is relevant and easy-to-understand, they are more likely to want to stay with their current insurer.


5 strategies for using consumer insights to improve the health insurance member experience:

  1. Make a good first impression. Evaluate your new member on-boarding experience to understand and address rapid dis-enrollment and personalize future outreach.
  2. Segment and personalize. Use big data to help you understand different portions of your target audience and identify the best messaging and content for that group.
  3. Go beyond the surface. Dig deeper into your plans star ratings results to understand why members answered the way they did with a Star Rating Diagnostic Study.
  4. Know your position. Field Deft Research's 2016 Member Experience surveys in your local market to capture competitive information and the status of your health plan's performance.
  5. Collect continuous insights. Create a continuous feedback loop by capturing on-going consumer feedback allowing you to get real input on any topic your considering and educate your organization about successes and opportunities for improvement.

Health insurers who gain a deep understanding of what matters most to which consumers and refine their retention strategies accordingly will be well positioned to retain their members in the fall.

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