Executive Research Brief

Marketing to Medicare Age-ins: Internet and Direct Mail Trends
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Most 64 year-olds begin their Medicare research process online, according to Deft Research’s recently published 2016 Age-in Study. However, even after conducting their own research, many Age-ins still struggle with understanding their options and how to enroll in Medicare.

Age-ins’ Top 6 Medicare Questions:

1. Am I even eligible?
2. When can I enroll?
3. How do I enroll?
4. Can I keep my doctors and specialists?
5. What are the costs? Will I be able to afford it?
6. What about coverage? How will that change?

Age-ins want easily accessible, educational, and reliable information on their coverage and enrollment options. And, they want this information tailored to their specific needs. Health plans who can provide Age-ins with answers to their biggest Medicare questions will be best positioned to acquire the largest share of this newly-eligible group.

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