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Health Literacy and its Impact on Age-ins' Plan Selections
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In June, Deft Research published our 2016 Age-in Study. This research was designed to help health plans and their marketing agencies develop strategies, tailor messaging, design optimal products, and plan engagement activities at the right times of the year. The 2016 study is based on the responses of 2,259 consumers who will either be eligible for Medicare in the coming months, or are "Late-to-Medicare". For this year's study, we also re-contacted 656 respondents from our 2015 Age-in survey.

Subscribers to the Age-in Study receive:

  • A 75-page electronic report with data analysis, commentary, and strategic implications.
  • Your choice of an on-site or WebEx presentation by a Deft Research executive.
  • On-going assistance with interpreting the data by our senior Medicare analysts.

To purchase a copy of the 2016 Age-in Study, please contact George Dippel at or by phone at 612-436-8321.

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