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The Medicare Advantage Switch Rate Has Dropped to 11% in 2018. The Decreased Switch Rate and Stabilization of Medicare Benefits is the New Norm.
by Catherine Mandler


Deft Research Announces the 2018 Research Line-Up to Provide Health Insurers the Latest Consumer Views on Health Insurance

Deft Research, the go-to resource for timely, reliable healthcare consumer insights.  Deft Research Medicare Market, Individual and Family Plan, and Employer Market Insights provide the health insurance industry with a steady stream of consumer insights at critical points throughout the year. Managers at the nation’s leading insurance carriers and their agencies rely on Deft Research’s Senior Market Insights Service and Commercial Market Insights Service to drive their product development, marketing, new member acquisition, and retention efforts.  

The recently published 2018 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study highlights the low Medicare switch rate and the role of Agents in the enrollment process. According to George Dippel, Senior VP of Client Services at Deft Research, "The Medicare decreased switch rate and stabilization of Medicare benefits is the new norm."  

Deft Research unveiled two new studies for 2018 focusing on Dual Eligibles and Employees and their views of healthcare benefits. These studies are in addition to the 2018 updates for the subscription studies that most major health insurers have come to rely on for the Medicare, IFP, and Employer markets.

The Dual Eligible Member Study drills down into how agents influence the sales process. By comparing Dual and Non-Dual seniors, Medicare insurers can better understand the similarities and differences between these two segments and capitalizes on the fastest growing Medicare segment.

 The Employer Sponsored Insurance Employee Choice Study examines the tradeoffs employees make in terms of benefit design and cost as well as how employees value supplemental and ancillary benefit offerings. The results are compared across group sizes ranging from small to large. It will also examine elements of the member’s experience that are more important to these consumers, which could drive loyalty in a competitive exchange environment.  

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Deft Research is a market research firm and the health care industry’s most trusted source for relevant market and consumer information. Combining primary research, local market data, and big data, our studies provide health plans the information they need to strategically plan their marketing, product and sales campaigns. For more information, contact with the subject line “2018 Line-Up.”

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