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Using Data to Predict and Improve The Health of ACA Plan Members
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New Deft Research Report Finds Certain Life Circumstances May Predict Greater Utilization of ACA Plans

Many health insurers face the ongoing challenge of trying to maintain a sustainable pool of risk within their Individual Market plans. Part of the challenge is that many customers are new to their carrier and so the insurer has no history of their health care needs. In response, forward thinking health plans are using data to anticipate these new members’ needs.

In Deft Research's latest executive research brief, we draw from the wealth of data behind our 2016 Individual Market Shopping and Switching Study to uncover members’ health needs indicators. We suggest that health plans can better control health care costs by using these indicators as flags to trigger relevant communications with their members. These trigger-based communications programs could deliver a positive return on investment by steering patients to the best providers, targeting high-risk members, identifying gaps in care, and engaging members in their own health.

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